Broad Forms

Broad Form Named Operators Policy

Many people ask about the broad form policy. What is it and can it save you some money?

Simply put, the broad form policy insures the driver rather than the vehicle driven. It is a broad policy in that it covers the driver in any vehicle driven. You can drive your car, your friends car, your parents car, etc. The driver is covered. It is restrictive in the sense that it covers only the driver and no one else.

This is a perfect policy for you if you frequently borrow other peoples cars or if you own several cars and do not need comprehensive and collision coverage on any of them (liability only). You can, and we recommend you do, purchase uninsured motorist on a broad form policy in case you are seriously injured by a driver who has no insurance or who doesnt carry enough insurance for the injuries you receive.

The broad form policy is also available for motorcycles.