About Us

About Us

Brian SaterBrian Sater
( brian@autoinsurancestops.com ) is our fearless leader at the Insurance Stops. Brian has lived in Colorado Springs since 1971. An Air Force military brat, Brian moved here from where he calls heaven, Anchorage, Alaska. Brian attended district 11 schoolsPatrick Henry, Irving Junior High, and graduated from Mitchell High School in 1978. He then attended Pikes Peak Community College. While in high school he met and began a relationship with his wife of more than 30 years, Chris.

Chris has worked in the Radiology Department at Colorado Springs Memorial Hospital since 1980. She and Brian have 3 childrenAdam, Meagan, and Dylan. They also have 3 granddaughters.

Brian started his career in insurance at the ripe old age of 20. After a short stint with Farmers Insurance Group Brian went to work with Farmers Union Service Association (FUSA) as an agent in Pueblo. Soon thereafter he expanded his business into Colorado Springs, and eventually Denver. Brians oldest son, Adam, has his own agency in Fort Collins. His daughter, Meagan, is a teacher and coach at Sierra High School in Colorado Springs and his youngest son, Dylan, is a student at Jenkins Middle School.

Brians most popular location was located at the corner of Airport and Academy in the old Lakewood Vet building. After being there for more than 10 years customers adapted well to hearing dogs howling, cats mewing, and stepping over and around land mines left by them on the sidewalk.

When asked to pinpoint what it is that sets the Insurance Stops apart from other agents Brian says, I feel what has made the Insurance Stops a success is our down to earth approach to giving great customer service. Youll probably never see me in a tie or any of the ladies in a fancy dress. Those clothes are for doctors and lawyers and people who make you uncomfortable, thats not what were about. I have been blessed in the folks who have worked for me. Youll notice most have been with me for sometime. I try to make our work fun, no one likes to work but most of us have to. Since its something we all have to do we might as well have fun while doing it.

An avid sports nut, Brian was inducted into the Colorado Slow Pitch Hall of Fame in 1999. He enjoys his golf game, but his real passion has been watching and helping his three children in their sports life. Hockey, baseball, volleyball and golf are activities the family has enjoyed.


Maria KochMaria Koch
( maria@autoinsurancestops.com ) is a bi-lingual licensed agent who has been with the Insurance Stops for the past 5 years.

Maria puts it this way, Are you tired of seeing a different customer service representative every time you visit your agents office? Does it seem like nobody knows whats going on with your policy and cant answer any of your questions? At the Insurance Stops youll see the same friendly faces every month. Please feel free to call or e-mail us; we have a customer oriented staff who will work hard to find you the best rate possible with the coverage you need.


David RolleDavid Rolle
( david@autoinsurancestops.com ) works at our office in Denver. David grew up in Wyoming where his father was an insurance agent. David came to Colorado in 1980 working many years for the Jones Agency and when it was bought by the Insurance Stops David began working with us. He has owned his own agency, served as a marketing manager for a couple of different insurance companies, and has worked more than 30 years in the auto insurance marketplace. David lives with his wife Jacque, they have two adult children, Danielle and Trevor.

David is a huge sports fan regularly attending games from the Colorado Rapids and Mammoth to the Avalanche, Rockies, Broncos and Nuggets. He would love to talk sports with you if you stop by the office. David has an uncanny ability to make you feel at ease with his wry sense of humor. He can sense whether youre in a hurry to get things done or would like to sit and talk for a while. He is happy to explain various coverage in detail if thats what youre looking for but he is just as willing to get you what you need as quickly as possible. As David puts it, I just try to get everyone what they want or need in as timely a fashion as possible.

Lorri Pesavento WilliamsLorri Pesavento-Williams
( lorri@autoinsurancestops.com ) has been a licensed property and casualty insurance agent in Colorado for over 12 years and with the Insurance Stops for more than 10 years, writing and servicing over 15 different companies and more than 200 different programs. She is also a licensed surety bail bond agent with experience in criminal and traffic law.

She earned a BA at Colorado State University in 2006 and is currently an intern at a substance abuse center teaching Level II DUI Education classes and a relapse prevention group. She is a licensed Certified Addictions Counselor Level II.

Lorri has been helping people go through the process of reinstating their driving privileges for 10 years and has extensive knowledge of Colorado DUI laws, penalties and SR22 requirements.

She has extensive experience with the Colorado Department of Revenue and the El Paso County 4th Judicial system.

Lorri feels quite confident in the abilities of her and the staff of the Insurance Stops, I am certain with all the knowledge we have at the Insurance Stops we will be able to help you. Whether you are a driver who never had a ticket or someone who has, unfortunately, seen the inside of traffic court, you will find an agent here to meet your needs. We are here for our customers. We are agents for you, not for the companies we represent. We would like nothing more than to help you save money and get the coverage you need.


Nicola DarlingNicola Nikki Darling
( nikki@autoinsurancestops.com ) has been with the Insurance Stops since 2008. She began her insurance career in 1991, working with her father, servicing military families with life insurance and other financial products. In 2005 Nikki rounded out her insurance licensing by getting her P&C (property and casualty) license to go along with L&H (life and health). She opened her own agency in Colorado Springs in 2005, again primarily catering to the military personnel and their families. Nikki brings a lot of knowledge and experience as well as a whole bunch of enthusiasm to the Insurance Stops.

Nikki offered her views in a nutshell, We are always looking to round out our customers insurance. We offer life, health, homeowners, renters, snowmobile, motorcycle, jetski, camper, RV, and commercial insurance as well. Give us a look for all of your insurance needs!


Delicia BerdejaDelicia Dee Berdeja
( delicia@autoinsurancestops.com ) works in the primarily Spanish speaking Colorado Springs office called Seguros Colorado. Delicia began her career with the Insurance Stops in 1997. Other than Brian, Delicia is the senior employee of the Insurance Stops. Delicia was the first person to truly market and service Spanish speaking customers in Colorado Springs. Delicia is extremely popular with all of her customers. She is a notary public as well.

Dee sums up her philosophy like this, It doesnt matter if you have tickets, need an SR22, have a foreign drivers license, whatever..we can and will help you.


Will Jones
( will.insurancestops@gmail.com )
Will Jones is our newest employee and runs our Astrozon office in Colorado Springs and helps our owner Brian with our SR22 program. Will moved to Colorado late summer of 2012 to be near his son,Brandon, with his girlfriend Kerri, and her son, Logan. A native of Shreveport Louisiana Will graduated high school there. He began his insurance career in Louisiana in 1997 and has worked for GO Insurance, US Agencies, and Direct General before moving to Colorado Springs.

Colorado SR22 Insurance Specialists.